Brought my F150 in a few weeks ago before trading it in. It was a work truck had some rust spots and the inside definitely needed some cleaning. Classic and it’s crew did a great job. No doubt in my mind that it helped with the trade in value.
Rob M.
I want to recognize Charlie for his friendly customer service today. I stopped by for advice on a red "stain" on my white Jeep hood that didn't come off in a routine drive thru car wash. I wasn't expecting him to do anything except give me direction and information on how your business might be able to fix it. After he reviewed the area, he darted inside and came out with a couple of bottles of solution to test on the marks. The first spray didn't work. The one second did. He wiped away all the marks and declined any compensation. thank you for your kind assistance.
Renee P.
Greg and his staff are the very best at what they do. In 2008 the Mercedes dealership recommended Classic Appreciation and I have been a regular customer ever since. Besides making your car look better than new, Greg is a great person. Always a pleasure taking my car to Classic Appreciation.
Susan M.
My 2004 Volvo with 190,000 miles, always looks and feels like a new car after its annual beauty treatment at the Classic Appreciation salon.
Joe J.
Had my Camaro detailed here and that was the closest to brand new I have ever had it. They did an amazing job cleaning the inside as well as detailing the body. It was on the expensive side but absolutely worth it!
Kate H.
Took my truck in for window tint, staff was knowledgeable and helpful and the job was completed faster than quoted, will be taking the rest of my vehicles back for more work!
Mike M.
Absolutely fantastic team. I recommend highly.
Jeff D.
We’ve been bringing our vehicles here for years. Brought mine in early March and it’s still like new. Arion was the detail tech and he did a fantastic job! My husband’s car is next!
Shannon F.
At least my third visit to CA with a Corvette. High quality exterior detail, excellent staff, great folks to work with. They made my 2005 black Corvette look showroom and car show ready!
Chad S.
Greg and Hannah are awesome! Did my Roush & my wife’s Mustang and I was blown away by the service and the cars looked just stunning! Shopped about 7 other places and the honesty & integrity of this company sold us. You won’t find better service anywhere.
Jason B.
Hannah was so helpful!! They did a beautiful job! The car looks new, best money I have spent, so worth it!
Kelly D.
Classic Appreciation service is outstanding. Friendly and informative staff. Our vehicles look awesome when we pick them up!!
Patti Z.
Greg, Hannah and their crew were outstanding!
Clif F.
Excellent work and very detail oriented concerning the specifics of the work. Went above and beyond to complete the job. Support local small business!!
Mark M.
Very knowledgeable and they did an amazing job! Extremely thorough!
Justin B.
What can one say about Classic Appreciation when it comes to car care and detailing other than "these people are really good at what they do". I have been taking my cars to Classic for a number of years and I always get excited about picking up my car because I know the car is going to be super clean, smell good and feel like a new car again for a bit of time. Love it. Thanks for the great job as always Classic Appreciation, this trip you helped me out with cleaning my wifes car as a Valentine's day gift.
John D.
I would recommend this place to anybody looking to get quality work done at a reasonable price. The staff is patient and friendly, and the waiting area is unlike any I have seen at a commercial establishment. Great collection of automotive books, tea and coffee and model replicas to engage you while you wait. Will definitely go here again.
Siddhant J.
They are quite possibly the greatest detailing place ever. My family takes all of their work vehicles here, so I decided to take my Sierra here and boy did they do a beautiful job. I had a complete detail and underbody done and the interior and exterior after the job looked brand new, almost as if the vehicle just rolled out of the factory. There was truly nothing left unturned, and I mean that. Every single scratch and chip on my vehicle is gone and the paint looks gorgeous. They even cleaned the headliner which was stained after a leak in the roof. If you're looking to get quality work done on your vehicle by people who are passionate about working on it, definitely turn to Classic Appreciation! Thank you so much to Greg, Hannah, A.G. (my technician), and everyone else on the team who offered excellent service. Absolutely recommend!
James W.
CA will turn any Ugly Duckling car into a Swan.....they are a valued asset to the community and a sign of Higher Civilization.
Jeffrey M.
Good fast service, friendly staff, and fair prices.
Mark D.
The Classic Appreciation crew did an outstanding job on the detailing of my X5. Greg said it looked showroom new; to me it looks better than new. My thanks to everyone at Classic Appreciation. 5 stars plus!
Terry L
Possibly the best detail shop in Michigan. Very friendly staff and the work they do is outstanding, just perfect car looks brand new. Way above my expectations. I will be back with my other vehicles.
James P.
Had a fantastic experience here! My car has had a musty smell that I've been trying to get out since I've owned it -- and I guess all it needed was one appointment here to get that smell out! I had the interior detailed and it was as good as new. Not to mention they have friendly staff, especially Hannah! Overall a great quality service with great value. I'd highly recommend this place.
Nathan G.
Having some prior experience with Greg, Hannah, and the rest of the Classic Appreciation team, made it an easy decision when I recently wanted some work performed on a "new to me" 2015 model year vehicle that was basically a new car that sat on a dealer's lot being mistreated by both the environment and dealer wash processes. Made an appointment, allowed plenty of time for the work requested to be completed, and it was both ready on time, and completed with 100% satisfaction and spectacular results. You will not find any other team committed to making customer satisfaction their primary goal, at fair and reasonable prices. Thank you again for a job well done!
Robert J.
First class car detailing. Always a good experience and will never take my cars anywhere else. Thank you to Hannah, Jason, Robert and the entire staff at Classic!
Chris M.
Riding around in my exquisitely detailed work truck after getting home from vacation. Thank you Ian and the Classic Appreciation crew for going above and beyond my expectations!
Jeff K.
I've had two vehicles exterior detailed from Classic Appreciation. Greg and his staff do an absolutely amazing job! I highly recommend checking them out.
Gene O.
I've used this company for years starting in Birmingham and the last 10 years in Rochester. I live part time in New York and part time in Rochester and have not had a clean car in two years. I have scheduled three of my cars to be done this week while in town for the Holidays. My first vehicle came out cleaner than when I picked it up at the dealership. Thanks to Classic Appreciation you guys truly are the best!!!!!!
Robert S.
I brought my 2008 Toyota Solara convertible into Greg after it going thru a hurricane down in Florida. Simply put, the car looks AMAZING!!! When I bought the car in, the front grey leather seat was damaged from the water and wind. The steering wheel was worn and looked dirty. The car had nicks, bumps, scratches, etc. Greg took that car and made it SHOWROOM NEW.....so much so that I actually cried when i saw the car and the work that had been completed. Greg KNOWS cars and can work miracles....ask me I speak from experience. Amazing experience!
Tara M.
One word: WOW. Took the family van, 7 years old, to be cleaned up. Driving it home my wife remarked it looked like a new car inside. Very pleased with their work. Thanks Greg and Team. Why didn't we do this years before?
Gary B.
I've been going to Classic Appreciation for many, many years now...the quality of care and attention to detail is top notch. They recently did an excellent job on my Volvo with a complete interior/exterior detail. They worked extra hard and spent additional time to remove an interior odor. This effort was very much appreciated as the odor is now virtually eliminated. Greg knows his stuff and is willing to discuss all the products/procedures his shop offers. Always pleasant to talk to. They were able to paint the rear rusty brake calipers silver (to match the front) and it looks fabulous. And even touched up some wheel curb rash. Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone looking to have their car detailed! Reasonable prices, awesome service!!
Sam D.
We brought our "new to us" SUV in for a complete detail. My husband has worked for GM for over 30 years and rates this place a five star. Excellent service, detailing, and overall satisfaction. Classic Appreciation took care of every crevice of our car and made it look show room new! We highly recommend them for all of your detailing needs!
Laurie B.
I've been back here numerous times since my last review. Every single time I have gotten my car back looking like it came off of a showroom floor. They have done window tint for me as well, with great results as well. I highly recommend them and will continue to take my vehicle every spring for a full detail to get all the salt and grime out.
Colleen W.
Just picked up my brand new car today! Well it's a 2011, but it sure looks brand new! I can't thank Greg, Hannah and Trinity along with the Classic Appreciation team for an outstanding job. From the customer service to the hands on detailing as well as answering all my questions and concerns, I couldn't be more pleased with the final result.
Larry S.
I had my Audi detailed there last Friday. Top notch service and my car now looks better than brand new. Great job by the team at Classic Appreciation.
Clark L.
Overwhelmed by the quality of the product and service. Greg and his team are the best of the best. I just met Greg yesterday, and feel like I've known him for 10 years. That's the sign of a caring leader! Sarah was wonderful to work with, too. But I must not forget to say that my car looks showroom ready. I keep my vehicle clean as it is, but this is on another level. You MUST go see them.
Chris C.
Classic Appreciation is the place. I appreciate the customer service from Greg and Charlie, great guys to work with. Also the staff they have there does a tremendous job on the vehicles and they are very professional.
Nichole K.
I have been taking my vehicles here for over 15 years. The team at Classic Appreciation always surprises me at how brand new they can make a vehicle look and smell, it's like the day you picked it up from the dealership. I have taken many of my vehicles in for scratches, dings, stains, scuffs, etc, and they always impress me with their "magic potions", and service people that can work wonders with sanding wheels and polish. Charlie is a pleasure to work with and will get your vehicle in and out as quickly as possible. In a world of poor customer service, these guys are the exception!
Pat S.
Amazing service!! They kindly, quickly and impeccably helped out with a tricky stain!! Simply can't recommend them enough!!
Darcy M.
They did an amazing job on an exterior detailing of my car after it was sprayed while my company's parking lot was resurfaced. I was impressed, as the substance on my car did not seem like it would come off but now it looks brand new. Thank you so much!!!
Nicholas E.
They are awesome. Car looks brand new. Everyone tried very hard to help and make the experience easy and enjoyable.
Brad F.
Classic Appreciation has the best customer service around. I got my windows tinted here and couldn't be happier by the price, quality and customer care.
Vanessa S.
These guys took a used 2007 Range Rover I just bought which had not been properly detailed ever and made the paint look absolutely fantastic. Kudos to the dent guy too. Got out dents I never thought could be removed. Greg and his team are committed to excellent customer service and I have never been disappointed in the 20 plus years I have used them.
Len B.
I dropped off my Overland for some routine maintenance on the ceramic coating. I picked up my vehicle the next day, and you'd think I'd learn my lesson, but I cannot find anything to complain about - can it be that a service provider is actually this good? Well, yes it is 22 years later and I will not go anywhere else. Classic Appreciation should change their name to; "The Best Detail in America..."
Ray M.
Found Classic Appreciation last year- best detailing I have ever experienced. Service and work.
Bill F.
Great service, phenomenal detailing. I would recommend Classic Appreciation to anybody that cares about their cars
Keti M.
Brought my 7 year old BMW back to life after the hard water and sun in Florida took its toll on it. Price was reasonable and staff is very friendly. Beyond impressed with the results.
Mathew S.
What an amazing job done by the team at Classic Appreciation in Rochester! Got our ‘76 Rolls back today, looks great inside and out. Second car we’ve had them do and whether is a newer car or one with plenty of age on it, they do a great job!
Curt L.
Your work is exquisite, that is, just short of out of this world. My 2015 Town and country looks brand new. Thank you.
Remy V.
Your vehicle WILL look and smell brand new after Classic Appreciation is done with it. Definitely recommend this business! They take care of your vehicle like it was their own.
Marge E.
I would definitely recommend Classic Appreciation for anyone looking for a professional quality detailing service at a very competitive price. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly and their facility is a clean inviting place.
Nick D.
So we decided to purchase off-lease our 3 year old BLACK Equinox. As is often the case in these busy times, the vehicle had maybe 6 car washes in its entire life. Without much expectation, we brought it to Classic to see what could be done. My God it looks like brand new! I was impressed enough during my drop-off to also get the windows tinted. Could not be happier with the job or staff. Will bring all my cars here in the future.
Wendy C.
Great job on my 98 NSX, car looks amazing!!! These guys take the time to make sure the cars roll out looking the best they can. 100% recommendation.
Allen A.
I’m decent at detailing. I usually keep my interiors immaculate but when it comes to exteriors I tend to drag my feet. I’m always busy and do not feel like devoting a day to doing exterior detailing (I can’t stand clay barring and polishing).... The Jeep came out looking brand new!!! The paint has such a deep shine and rich look to it! I couldn’t believe it! Also I ended up having the tiny dent in my door removed by their dent guy and looks like it never happened! What I love about this place is not only are they super dedicated to their work but I was not persuaded to buy into some expensive package, Greg worked with my budget and only suggested what he thought would work out for my situation (plus he’s an all around nice and genuine person!). Trust all the positive reviews you see, these guys are good!! Looking forward to bringing the Jeep back one day!
Jeff M.
What a class act! Prompt, professional and they did an amazing job ceramic coating my 2020 Silverado. Highly recommend them to anyone!!!!!
John F.
I want to express my sincerest thank you to your staff for the absolutely great job you did on my 2010 Ford Fusion. The vehicle had too many paint smudges from parking lot and road damage, dents and dings, paint chipping off and my headlights that had faded and become blurry. The paint was dull and damaged mostly due to my error when I attempted to do the exterior on my own. The inside had not been detailed since I purchased it. The inside was immaculate, most of the inside looked brand new except for the areas where the plastic had worn off due to use over the years. My seats looked like they never been sat in before. The exterior looked so good when I got it back, I felt proud to own this car. Paint scratches and chips were repaired giving the vehicle the sense that it was wearing a brand new set of sneakers and it was ready to go for a run. Even my windshield looked better, I don't know how you did that. I was going to replace my chrome grill, but it looks so good now I will not replace it. I had two vehicles previously detailed by Classic Appreciation, I was very happy with the work then. On an occasion I brought another vehicle to a different detailer, I was not nearly as happy as I had been with your work. Bringing this vehicle to you and having you perform your magic on it has re-taught me a valuable lesson, you get what you pay for, and what I paid was worth every penny. My vehicle is not an Aston nor a Merc, however you and you team made me feel like a million bucks getting my car back. Thank you
John L.
Angie’s List gave Classic Appreciation raving reviews, so I thought, why not? My husband’s 2006 Toyota RAV4 was in tough shape. It had been used as a work vehicle. As a maintenance tech, he carried spare parts, tons of tools, and who knows what else. We were blown away, is all I can say! It smelled fresh, and looked better than showroom ready. My only regret is that I didn’t take a “before” picture. I totally and completely recommend Classic Appreciation. Did I say the staff was super nice? From making an appointment to picking up your car, the staff made it a positive and seemless experience.
Audrey K.
Have been taking my cars here for years. Work is always the best. Even my 8 year old Jeep Grand Cherokee with 85,000 miles looked fresh off the show room when finished.
Frank H.
Greg and his team are absolutely the best in the business! Just picked up my X3 and it was as I have come accustomed to, like new. Great people, outstanding customer service and excellence in execution - every time!
Dave M.
Outstanding work! Made my Jaguar F-Type V8S look like it rolled off the assembly line!!! Thank you Classic Appreciation!
Alan A.
Class act all the way. They did a fantastic job on our old boat. They made our 1975 Sportscraft look shiny and new. Great communication. You can't beat this company. Well worth the trip. Thanks again.
Dave G.
I love the work Classic Appreciation does on my 2013 Subaru Outback!! I started in year one to treat my vehicle to a "Spa Day" -- and I'm always pleased with the results. It looks like it just came off of the showroom floor and it's been 4 years. Even the inside crevices were spotless!! I have followed them from Birmingham to their Rochester location which was easy to find and convenient to drop off. Great job and if all goes well, I'll be back in 2018!
Jeanne U.
I arrived and they took care of my ride with no hastle. They even looked into service options to save me money, how cool is that ! Definitely worth it to keep your ride looking sharp.
Donald S.
I can't even imagine any company doing a better job than Classic Appreciation!! 5 stars
Bruce W.
I have taken my cars to Classic Appreciation for years. They always do great work. Greg's team, particularly Hannah, are great to work with, communicate well, and always go the extra mile to make sure your car looks it's Sunday best. True story, last night after softball we went to the bar like always. Even though I've owned my ELR for 2 1/2 years, it looked so good, even a week later, a teammate asked me if I got a new car.
Bill K.
My car had a very bad case of silicone overspray from a building maintenance project going on at my office. It was all over everything, the body, the glass everything! Was highly dubious than anybody could ever get this thing clean. But when I looked at it today, just picked it up a few minutes ago, it's absolutely spotless! Inside and out. Dare say it looks like a new car! And it's got 97,000 miles on it and it's a 2012. That would definitely highly recommend them to do your car. And I will be back!
David D.
Just wanted to thank you for the GREAT job you did in tinting my windows on my vehicle and your friendly service. I will certainly use your services again and recommend you to family and friends.
It was, as always, a tremendous experience. I am sure you saved me at least $1k in end of lease charges. You are the best!
Hannah, I was going to contact you today on my Taurus SHO. I am absolutely thrilled with how the car looks. It looks nearly brand new! You exceeded my expectations…thank you so much.
Bill D.
I fell in love with my car again – thanks. It looks amazing.
Awesome job on the car! I will definitely recommend you to everyone!!
Thank you, Hannah. A great job. The gentleman that handled the job didn’t miss anything.
Dennis R.
It was very nice to meet you and to also have my Explorer cleaned up so extraordinarily well! I am so pleased at how new it looked and how so clean the inside was after all of the snow and various messes that my son made. I’m also very pleased at how well you touched up the paint on the rear hatch. Wow, you are certainly the DaVinci of paint touch-up work 🙂 I really mean that and I was really relieved when I saw how good it looked. I really can’t even tell that a scratch ever existed in that particular spot. I am also impressed at how well the windows sparkled and how good the dash and seats looked. The paint also looked crystal clear as the car just rolled out of the paint booth at the Ford factory. The wheels also sparkled and could be used as a mirror. I thank you for such a great job and for the very courteous treatment over the phone and in person. You have a customer for life.
Thanks to everyone at Classic Appreciation, my Miata looks as good as the day I brought it home from the Mazda dealer 21 years ago. You already did a fabulous job on my 1980 MGB. I have reviewed your shop for our next Detroit Triumph Sportscar Club newsletter with a 5-star rating. I’ll be calling again soon to arrange a detail for my 2003 Mini Cooper S.
Just a short note to tell everyone at Classic Appreciation how satisfied I was with the detail on my vehicle last week. Everything about the “Classic” experience was first class. Everything from making the appointment . . . to driving away with a beautiful “like new” vehicle was extraordinary. In fact, I got the vehicle back a day earlier than expected, which was a pleasant surprise. The attention to detail was really great. The guys that worked on my car were truly craftsmen. When I drove off the lot, it was like I was driving a brand new vehicle. I can honestly say that coming to “Classic Appreciation” will become an annual event in the maintenance of my current and also future vehicles. Much appreciation for a job well done.
Chris P
We love this place! Would not take our cars anywhere else! Incredible work! Fans forever! 🙂
Janet G.
Classic Appreciation is the true definition of a 5 star shop. Awesome friendly staff, quality work, would definitely highly recommend them!
John B.
Excellent service! I got my husband a gift certificate for his birthday. His 7 year old truck looks brand new!
Tammy B.
Simply the best. Absolutely top notch at everything. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else.
Don M.
I recently took in my 1999 Ford Mustang. I was pretty consistent for a while having it washed and waxed before storage. Then I got a little lax in doing so and the wear was showing on the vehicle. But as of today that is no more. My car is now reborn. It looks brand-new thanks to classic appreciation. They mended a tear in my leather, and it was remarkable. The touchups are unreal. It's such a pleasure to drive this vehicle again. Thanks for all your hard work. I will definitely be back.
Patricia D.
Made my car look brand new and wow does that ceramic coating work well. Top notch customer service and some very talented detailers make this place the only place I could recommend. Big thanks to Greg!
Dominic G.
The car looks INCREDIBLE! I am so impressed at the job your team did. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my brake calipers look so clean in all the years I’ve owned the car. Do you happen to paint them, too? The engine compartment looks better than it did when I bought the car. My wife is so impressed, she says we should have you do our Toyota pickup and I think we will. I just did a Google review with 5 stars and mentioned your name because of the great customer service you gave me. I’ll be in touch soon to make an appointment for our truck.
Bob S.
When I need my “toy” cleaned up, I always take it to the very best place I know in S.E Michigan. The staff has the knowledge base to get my Daily Driver Street Rod to the condition I can be proud of driving. The care they use is what I require.

“When you want the best, go to the best.”
Hi Hannah we just got back from the show. The detailing was so fabulous people raved about the car it was so shiny I used it instead of my make up mirror to put my lipstick on.

Thanks for all the help and we will be using you again!
Elayne A.
Dear Greg and your team, You guys did a great job! We’ll certainly tell our friends and be back again.
Mary and Allan A.
One Saturday the entire passenger side of my red Charger got splattered with brown fence sealer. I called Classic Monday morning and dropped it off to them later that afternoon. I didn't expect them to get to it until Wednesday, so I was pleasantly surprised when Hannah called me Tuesday afternoon and said I could pick it up that evening! They were able to get the heavy overspray off my paint and then they polished it so well it looks better than the day it came off the line!
Wyatt B.
Greg, Frank and Team, thank you so much for the great detailing job on my 99 Corvette. You made it look like the day I picked it up back in 1999! What a fantastic job!! I will definitely bring in my other car for detailing!!! Thanks again for such a wonderful job.
I would like to make a review of the great job that was done detailing my 2010 Prius on July 17, 2015! The small scratches were repaired in the paint, the black marks on the cover to my trunk shield were removed. They even agreed to clean my cloth mats after the car was done as I inadvertently forgot to drop them off the day of detailing! I will be back and I don’t think anyone would be disappointed in the job that is done here! My car looks brand new again! Great job and my appreciation goes out to them! Thanks!!!!
Neena G.
Thank you very much for your wonderful work. I received an extra $1,000.00 at three dealerships and they said that this is the cleanest used car that they have ever seen. I give this company a 100% because they do a wonderful job and I am very satisfied with the detailing on this car.
Ashleigh D.
Thanks a lot you guys, you really did a beautiful job on my Vette. It's the best it's looked in many years! You know I will be back again. Thanks again.
Steve B.
Great staff, top shelf work, attention to detail - every car, every time.
Steve H.
Excellent detail by Ian of my 2004 Accord EX (first owner). The scratches were removed, color now gleams and the car is shining. First 100K miles just recorded and targeting the next 100K. Thank you Classic Appreciation.
Ed K.
Beige interior didn't seem like a smart choice for the Subaru life. But after decades of black or dark grey interiors, Greg at Classic Appreciation reassured me that they could keep the "ivory" seats looking fresh. Three years later, the lighter interior looks good as new thanks to the meticulous detailing at Classic Appreciation. (FYI: I highly recommend their window tinting service)
Dave B.
I feel like I have a new car!!! Thanks so much.
Thanks for the great pic Hannah! And please let the staff know that my husband was so happy with how the Traverse looked that he decided we're NOT selling it, but will keep as a backup vehicle, along with our new Terrain. 😆 You truly do a fantastic job and I will definitely write a glowing review of your excellent company. Please keep up the great ethics...so few companies left who do.
Paula K
They completely detailed our Honda Civic for a very reasonable price. They were on time. Their attention to detail was extraordinary.
I've had two vehicles exterior detailed from Classic Appreciation. Greg and his staff do an absolutely amazing job! I highly recommend checking them out.
Gene O.
Greg and his team continue to take care of both my vehicles. I bring my cars in to him 1-2 times a year and it is definitely worth it. After a visit from Greg's shop, I simply take my cars in for self-serve car hand wash and just power spray the dirt off. Never have to worry about swirl marks or scratches you are bound to get by drive-through car washes. Bring your car in when it is brand new and his team will take care of your baby as if you were dropping her off at day care!! Moreover, I believe it is equally important to support local businesses especially during these tough economic times. Thank you Greg and the team at Classic Appreciation for your hard work!!
Rohan A.
It has been years since I used Classic Appreciation. They are expensive but provide a quality service and are extremely professional and careful with your vehicle. I don't believe you can find a better detailing experience, and if you want your vehicle to look better than new, Classic Appreciation is the place to go.
Chris W.
First time customer, will become a repeat customer for sure. Such a great job. The yellow fog is gone from my headlights, I swear they replaced them they look that clear now.
Frank M.
Great service!!! Very nice people! They did a great job on cleaning the inside of my car, especially the back where it was destroyed by my 8 year old. My car looks amazing!!
Adrienne L.
My 140,000 mile Yukon XL looks showroom new!
Trug C.
Classic Appreciation took care of my car like I had been a client for 100 years even though this was my first time using them. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to bring my car back here for detailing! Thank you Classic Appreciation.
Cody K.
We have numerous vehicles that Classic Appreciation has been detailing in preparation for the Woodward Dream Cruise. The results are spectacular. The price is fair and their customer service is outstanding!
Thanks Hannah, service was fantastic – will definitely be back!!
Joe L.
Awesome, 5 stars!
My '68 Cadillac looks amazing! Love this place!
Joyce O.
As usual, a fabulous job. I won't take my cars anywhere else.
Carol D.
Classic Appreciation has done another awesome job...as they have been doing on this Corvette since new in 2006! They have a great team of professionals whom cover all the details inside and out providing superior value!!!
Ray M.
I brought my new used BMW to them for odor removal. Much to be said for buying a used car during a pandemic with a mask on. Greg and his team were on the case. They took my seats out, lifted the carpet inside the car and the trunk searching for the source of the odor. They worked on my car for several days trying to find the source. Then cleaned, steamed changed filters, ozoned it, and who knows what else. They did more than I could have hoped for in making my car smell and look brand new again. I am absolutely certain they did not charge me nearly what they could have for all they did. They also polished the outside which looks AMAZING. Thank you Greg and staff for all your hard work, I am so lucky to have found you!!!
Lisa L.
Every time I bring a vehicle in, Classic Appreciation makes it look fantastic. This last time I brought my Suburban in after a road trip to Texas and back, it was covered with bugs from the road and of course, when I picked it up afterwards, it looked brand new. Thanks!
Jim M.