This package is perfect for those who have recently purchased a vehicle and want it to look and feel its very best and stay protected for longer. You’ve created a car that is all YOU, now let us take your brand new vehicle to a whole new level of stunning!

New Vehicle Protection Package

  • Meticulous and comprehensive hand wash of entire exterior surfaces including door jambs, hinges, weather-stripping, underside, wheels wells, exhaust tips,  wheels and tires
  • – Presoak and pressure wash floor mats to thoroughly flush
  • Remove surface contaminants from all exterior surfaces with a clay bar and special lubricating spray
  • – Dry exterior with chamois, soft towels and compressed air
  • Remove tar and other road contaminants from lower body sections by hand with appropriate solvent
  • Dual Action/Orbital Polishing on all painted surfaces with foam pad and fine polish
  • – Application of Optimum Paint Guard
  • Interior vacuum and windows cleaned inside and out
  • ***This package does NOT include meticulous paint correction – if you are unhappy with the condition of your paint (scratches, swirls, dust nibs, etc.), please see our other coating options that include paint correction***

Add Interior Protection – Fabric Protection applied liberally to all carpet, floor mats and cloth seating. Leather conditioner applied and rubbed into all leather/vinyl seats (does not include any other leather/vinyl surfaces).

  • Fabric Protectant         $75
  • Leather Conditioner   $75
  • Both                                 $125

    New Vehicle Protection Package Pricing:

    • Sm Car: $479
    • Med Car: $499
    • Lg Car: $529
    • Sm SUV: $499
    • Med SUV: $529
    • Lg SUV: $599
    • XL SUV: $629

    Don’t know what size your vehicle is? Check out our list here

    • Same day service available on most vehicles. This package takes 4-5 hours minimum – full day appointment required
    • Vehicle must be under 2000 miles
    • 3 hours to overnight drying of Fabric Protection recommended