Ceramic Coatings

These coatings have taken the Detailing Industry by storm, and after years of deliberation and testing, we have been offering Ceramic Coatings for well over 7 years. This ceramic and nano-glass technology is applied to your vehicle’s paint surface (after the paint has been properly polished & prepped) to allow for a longer period of protection of your vehicle’s surfaces! Having the same effect of a wax, these coatings keep the beading on your car going strong for years instead of months! But the main purpose, and what we are most excited about, is to allow your vehicle’s paint to be washed easier, not needing as much friction (meaning the dirt & impurities just slide off with a minimal amount of “scrubbing” needed) and allow for easier maintenance!

Pricing of these coatings will differ based on durability & longevity. The coatings we now offer are (in order of least to most durable):

Each Vehicle that will be receiving a coating application MUST be properly primed. In order to do so, each vehicle we apply a coating to must receive our Exterior Detail with Extreme Shine package. This will allow for a more even application & more durability of the coating. Pricing on this page will include a standard amount of paint preparation as well as the application of the coating of your choice. 

*Wet sanding and more extensive polishing will result in an additional polishing fee*

*Add Wheel Coating – removal of wheels, cleaned, decontaminated, coated and reinstalled (pricing for all 4 wheels)*

  • – Extreme Wheel Detail: $300
  • – SB3: $400
  • – OptiCoat Pro+: $500