Window tinting is a high performance film professionally applied on the inside of the vehicles glass surface. At Classic Appreciation World Class Auto Detailing, we can tint all the windows on your car any shade you like! We offer 50% (light tint), 35% (medium tint), 20% (dark tint), and 5% (very dark aka “limo” tint). 

–Window tinting for most vehicles takes 1-5 hours depending on the size, number and complexity of windows being tinted.

*Window Tinting available on Fridays ONLY*

Levels of Window Tint

  • We offer 3 different levels of window tint. The main difference between each level of film is going to be what is used to make the film, which then directly effects the amount of heat rejected from the film. Our base level film, NR Sigma Pro, is going to be a dyed film which will block around 25% of heat. Our second level film is called Nova and is a carbon-based film that blocks around 50% of heat. Our top-tier film is a Nano Carbon Ceramic film and blocks around 75% of heat.