This package is specially designed to maintain your Ceramic Coating. By chemically removing surface contaminants and applying a brand-specific Coating Revitalization Product, we make sure your coating will last! We also inspect the paint and coating performance as well, just to make sure it’s being properly maintained outside our shop.

  • – Using specialized soap and sponge, meticulous and comprehensive hand wash of all exterior surfaces including: door jambs, hinges, weather-stripping, underside, wheel wells, exhaust tips, wheels and tires
  • – Presoak and pressure wash floor mats
  • Remove surface contaminants from all exterior surfaces with Iron/Mineral Deposit Remover
  • – Dry exterior with specially designed coating-safe towels and compressed air
  • Remove tar and other road contaminants from lower body sections by hand with appropriate solvent
  • Interior vacuum and windows cleaned inside and out
  • – Minimally touch up paint chips and small scratches with matching paint
  • – Using a brand-specific product, remove oils from all coated surfaces
  • – Using a brand-specific product, apply coordinating coating revitalizing product to all coated surfaces

Coating Maintenance

  • Sm Car: $179
  • Med Car: $199
  • Lg Car: $229
  • Sm SUV: $199
  • Med SUV: $229
  • Lg SUV: $269
  • XL SUV: $299

Don’t know what size your vehicle is? Check out our list here

Price may vary depending on condition and/or size of vehicle.

  • Same day service available on most vehicles.
  • This package takes 3-4 hours minimum.
  • Add engine compartment cleaning to this package for only $60 (Most cars, Reg. $85)
  • *Add interior detailing at discounted rate*