Mid-Winter Maintenance Wash

Offered exclusively during the winter months (December – February), our Mid-Winter Maintenance Wash is the perfect way to spruce up your previously detailed vehicle! Paying special attention to the underbody as well as keeping the paint protected, this service is sure to make it easier to keep your car salt-free during winter!

Mid-Winter Maintenance Wash

  • Meticulous and comprehensive hand wash of all exterior surfaces including: door jambs, hinges, weather-stripping, underside, wheel wells, exhaust tips, wheels and tires
  • – Exclusive underbody cleaning with specialized pressure washing tool
  • – Presoak and pressure wash floor mats to thoroughly flush
  • – Minimally touch up paint chips and small scratches with matching paint
  • – Application of premium spray-on paint sealant
  • Interior vacuum and windows cleaned inside and out

Mid-Winter Maintenance Wash Pricing:

  • Sm Car: $125
  • Med Car: $145
  • Lg Car: $195
  • Sm SUV: $145
  • Med SUV: $195
  • Lg SUV: $225
  • XL SUV: $255

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