"These guys do a great job. I have been going to them for a couple of years now. In the warmer months for full detailing and for exterior washing in the winter months. In the winter, it is a great alternative to an automatic car wash when you want the car fully cleaned on the outside. They are meticulous in the details, such as using an air gun to make sure all the moisture is blown out between body panels and the wheels. They are punctual, deliver the car when promised, and ensure you are satisfied before you drive away." - Macauley

"I heard about this place for years and finally took my 04 GMC pickup in for a total cleanup this summer. I was shocked....it doesn't come out looking like some guy on the corner polished it and put Armour-all on the tires. It comes out looking like a totally new car! They even painted the underside of it after cleaning it, and didn't even get any over-spray on the factory orange shock absorbers. I used to paint and detail cars as a side job...but how these guys do what they do to a vehicle is beyond me. Its a waste of money to take your car to anywhere but there.... If it costs more than some other shop you know of, it's worth it. You won't regret it." - Anonymous

"Greg, thank you again for the outstanding job you did putting pin stripes on my new 2010 Ford Edge. The color match is cool & classy & they look neat and professional. By the way, I love your new place too. It's very warm, customer friendly and clean, as is your STAFF. Keep up THE GREAT WORK & HAVE A BANNER YEAR. Thank you again." - Jack

"Thanks for all the good work you've done on our two cars. The Shelby is now cozily resting under its cover. You did a magnificent job on the '51 Mercury lead sled. The reflections in the finish are as good as any Concourse d'Elegance shine. Frank was particularly cordial and professional. Thanks again." - Dwight & Sharon


I just wanted to let you know that my wife and I are very pleased with the job you guys did on our van. The smell is much improved and the interior was cleaned very well.  Thanks again.

Best regards, - Brian F.

Hi Hannah: You guys at Classic Appreciation did a really great job on 'Pimping my Ride', especially Greg who wet sanded, polished and finessed oblivion two ugly scrapes/blemishes from my frt & rr fascias.  He is truly a whiz with those pneumatic power tools!!!    My Bad Benz turbo-diesel was so pretty, that I stole my wife's BMW this morning and took it to work whilst she slept to keep the Benz in the garage to keep it looking good thru the weekend.   Comment on your "Beauty & the Beast" picture: The Benz is the Beauty ... and yours truly is the Beast.   - Art D.

Hi Hannah, Thanks for the picture. I have been having Classic Appreciation detailing my cars for the last 15 years and at NO time have I been disappointed with the worked performed.  I have been recommending Classic Appreciation to my friends for years. My cars are only cleaned by Classic!! An extremely satisfied customer. Bill S.

Thanks for your note and the picture. I am very pleased with the fine job your team did on my Escape and the friendly service and atmosphere. I am not surprised since I have been using Classic since you guys were across from the Firestone dealer.
 Thanks Again
- Dan

I've had cars detailed at Classic Appreciation World in Birmingham and just recently Rochester. I have never been disappointed. Last week I brought my new, all black Infiniti Q70 to Rochester for Exterior Detailing with Extreme Shine. I was very, very pleased. The car was immaculate and did, indeed, shine. This was the best polish/wax/shine job I have ever seen. Classic Appreciation has my highest recommendation. - John C.

"They did an excellent job detailing my car. They pointed out any scratches they were not able to buff out; they went above and beyond to ensure that I was satisfied with the car. They even vacuumed the inside of my car at no additional charge." - Victoria

"We are active in a national Prowler owner's club and are often asked to preview local cars that people from out of the area are considering purchasing. A fellow from Oklahoma called indicating that he was considering the purchase of a low-mile Prowler located in Howell. It was a black car owned by an older man that smoked heavily. Additionally the car appeared to have been stored outside for an extended period of time, possibly its entire life. The owner took my wife's recommendation to have Classic Appreciation detail the car. I saw the car for the first time after it was detailed when we took the new owner to pick it up at Classic. To say the least, I was absolutely floored by the transformation that Classic performed on this neglected car. Not only did it now look like a 5,000 collector car, they were able to remove all traces of the heavily etched bird droppings. Needless to say, the owner was overjoyed. I appreciate the superb workmanship. I can personally vouch for the work that Classic delivers..." - Bob

Thank you, Hannah. A great job. The gentleman that handled the job didn't miss anything. Dennis R.  

"Awesome job on the car! I will definitely recommend you to everyone!!" - Sydney

Classic Appreciation - Greg, Hannah and Team: Great job detailing my 2009 RAM pick-up truck. Looks brand new again. I'm very pleased with the level of detail, both inside and out. Your menu of services is self-explanatory and your prices are very reasonable. I want to thank you and your team again, for a great job.  - Gregg M.

Thanks Hannah. I am very pleased with how the little dent was remedied. Nice job.  Regards, John C.

It is no surprise that Classic Appreciation has grown in size and been in business for 30 years.  Prompt, professional, customer oriented, and full attention to detail. You get what you pay for and every penny was worth it to get this vehicle looking showroom clean. Our intention was to sell it. But we decided to keep it ! Mark V.

I was going to contact you today on my Taurus SHO. I am absolutely thrilled with how the car looks. It looks nearly brand new! You exceeded my expectations...thank you so much.
- Bill D.

This is where people who care about their cars go to get them cleaned and detailed! The customer service is top notch and the pricing is fair for the amount of work they do and quality of the work. - J. S.

"They completely detailed our Honda Civic for a very reasonable price. They were on time. Their attention to detail was extraordinary." - Amy

"I loved your service—fair price, friendly, and timely. It is a needed service for busy people. – Cathryn