“It was very nice to meet you and to also have my Explorer cleaned up so extraordinarily well!

I am so pleased at how new it looked and how so clean the inside was after all of the snow and various messes that my son made. I’m also very pleased at how well you touched up the paint on the rear hatch. Wow, you are certainly the DaVinci of paint touch-up work 🙂 I really mean that and I was really relieved when I saw how good it looked. I really can’t even tell that a scratch ever existed in that particular spot. 

I am also impressed at how well the windows sparkled and how good the dash and seats looked. The paint also looked crystal clear as the car just rolled out of the paint booth at the Ford factory. The wheels also sparkled and could be used as a mirror.

I thank you for such a great job and for the very courteous treatment over the phone and in person. You have a customer for life.”

– Ron