What Are Those Tiny Little Rust Spots on the Back of My Car?

If you look really close on the rear bumper or deck lid of your white vehicle, you will most likely see tiny little spots that look like rust. Fear not! Your car is not permanently rusting. Those microscopic little rust speckles are actually iron particles or iron dust that land on the surface then, with the help of water, salt, and oxygen, the iron dust oxidizes and sticks to the paint finish. This occurs on all cars but is the most noticeable on white. The dust particles are created when you step on the brake. Each time the rotor or “disc” is squeezed by the brake pads to stop the car, the friction that occurs wears down the iron rotor slightly. This warm iron dust floats to the rear of your vehicle as you drive and lands on the back. Then the water, oxygen and salt go to work turning the particles to rust. The speckles can be removed, but if left on the surface for a long time, the particles start to embed themselves into the finish of your car, making removal more difficult. Frequent washing and waxing is the best way to minimize this situation.

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