Vehicle Hygiene and the Dentist

Having your car or truck professionally cleaned and polished at Classic Appreciation is a lot like having your teeth cleaned and polished at your dentist. Except you don’t sit in a big chair, feel awkward and drool on yourself.

Dental hygiene is defined as “The practice of keeping the mouth, teeth, and gums clean and healthy, as by regular brushing, flossing and periodical visits to the dentist for a thorough cleaning and polishing.” It is recommended by the American Dental Association that your should brush (wash) your teeth after each meal, floss once a day, and visit your dentist once every six months for a thorough “detailing” of your mouth.

The preferred method of cosmetic maintenance for your vehicle also involves frequent cleansing. The International Car Wash Association recommends that your vehicle be washed a minimum of once a week and professionally detailed every six months to preserve that showroom fresh appearance and retain its maximum value.

When you go to the dentist’s office for a routine appointment, a dental hygienist will begin by methodically cleaning every tooth in your mouth. If you’ve ever noticed, these trained professionals don’t just randomly jump around cleaning a little bit here and there. They always use a specific process or routine to make sure every tooth and the adjacent gum area is thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Following the manual cleaning of each tooth, then the hygienist then polishes the teeth using a rotary polisher and a special polish.

Hmmm…This all sounds so familiar. At Classic Appreciation Professional Auto Detail Center , we also follow a structured process to achieve unequaled thoroughness in the vehicle detailing. In fact each section of the vehicle is treated to its own individual process developed by Classic Appreciation Inc.

A complete detail begins when a trained professional detail technician cleans the e n t i r e exterior of the vehicle. Special attention is given to the areas that are often neglected during routine car washes. Areas such as door jambs, hinges, weather stripping, under carriage, wheel well and engine compartment thoroughly cleansed.

The exterior paint finish is then polished to eliminate fine scratches, smooth the surface, and prepare it for the paint sealant. Stone chips and deep scratches are touched up with the properly matched factory color. Protection of the dazzling finished is obtained by using a high quality paint sealant such as “blue coral”. Applied with a gentle orbital motion buffer.
The interior of the vehicle is then cleansed meticulously using specific chemical solutions, Q-Tips, toothbrushes and focused effort. We also employ a hot water extraction machine, identical to the machine the carpet cleaning industry uses, to thoroughly rinse out all the soul and detergent residue from all the fabric. “Rinse” out is the key word here. Could you imagine lathering up your hair with shampoo and then just dry it….not even rinse it? Certainly not! You need to rinse the sticky, soil attracting detergent otherwise the material will look and feel dirty again real quick. Rinsing….It’s all part of our process.

The art of treating each section of the vehicle as a separate component, as the word “detail” is defined, helps to ensure that every car is returned to our customer looking “showroom fresh.” Just like routine visits to the dentist and frequent brushing enhances the appearance and greatly extended the life on your teeth…having your vehicle professionally detailed is the answer to extended vehicle life, high resale value and no problem lease turn in.

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