The Top 10 Detailing Mistakes…

When detailing your own vehicle, you need to pay careful attention to the following:

1. Aggressive rubbing or use of “scrubby” pads to remove bird droppings, tree sap, bugs or other grime on fragile paint surfaces will create scratches that generally aren’t noticed until the finish is dry.

2. Improper Polishing…causing wheel marks and swirls or even removing the paint on edges.

3. Leaving excessive and unsightly wax in the cracks, seams or emblems.

4.Using touch-up paint to cover up scratches and scuffs that could easily be removed with proper polishing.

5. Improper glass cleaning, leaving windows smeary and hazy a possible safety hazard.

6.Using too much cleaning solution in the carpet, then not rinsing properly. (That would be like washing your hair with shampoo and not rinsing.)

7. Soaking the carpet and causing wet, stinky mud to sink into the base of the carpet fibers.

8. Neglecting to dry the interior thoroughly may lead to foul smells, mold and eventual replacement costs.

9. Making the interior dirt shiny by putting slimy dressing on interior surfaces instead of cleaning properly.

10.Turning your floor mats upside down or removing them to “save your floor mats.” Floor mats are removable, replaceable and easy to clean compared to the capet. They are meant to protect the carpet.

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