The Inside Story on the Inside of Your Vehicle

Throughout the winter you’re regularly getting your car or truck washed; that’s good. You’re wisely protecting the exterior from potentially damaging effects of road salts, grunge and general air pollution common to our region.

But do you know your vehicle’s interior is also threatened by many of the same contaminants that can damage the exterior? These include dirt, mud, salt and the stones you and passengers drag in. That’s not all; there’s accumulated dust, crumbs, food, drink and pet stains, messy cup holders, window grime, cigarette smoke, and refuse. Plus, wintertime use brings excessive snow and salt to carpets, increasing wear and tear. There may even be mold and mildew effects left over from summer.

Your car or truck’s interior is your “living room.” So, especially now, during or after a tough Michigan winter, it deserves some TLC. That’s where Classic Appreciation – the professional automobile detailing centers – shines.

An offer You Shouldn’t Refuse
Bring your car in for our Interior Detail Package and let our professionals:

• Clean the dash, vents, door panels and all vinyl trim, with a safe, protective cleaner.

• Treat all interiors that feature leather options with approved cleansers and conditioners.

• Vacuum and extract soil from carpeting, seats and floor mats.

It’s often said that drivers feel good behind the wheel of a freshly washed car. Imagine how much better you’ll feel when you interior – your “on the road living room” – is professionally detailed; especially during and after a typical Michigan winter. Make your appointment today to get every interior nook and crevice throughly cleaned and more – with a complete Interior Detailing at Classic Appreciation. Your car’s interior will be “living room” clean and showroom fresh, and smell like the Michigan Spring that’s just around the corner.

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