"I was so impressed with the detail Classic appreciation did on my car. I had quite a few scratches on the exterior of the car and the finish looks brand new now. They did the work in a timely fashion and I can't think of any way they could have improved on the job!" - Lynda

"NO ONE is better at tough cleaning jobs. Always professional!!" - BagelMom

"WOW!  How exciting for this lady of 81 years! Thanks to your special care, my 1998 Honda looks brand new! You are the BEST!!" - Betty

"Again, thanks for the 'rides with smiles'! The van looks awesome!! I will tell anyone/everyone about the amazing job your folks have done to our vehicles! Not to mention the best of friendly, kind, and professional personnel!" - Rita

Hi Hannah, My Morgan looks absolutely beautiful, and sparkles! The Classic Appreciation team did a brilliant job of servicing my Morgan, and I was very impressed. Congratulations, and many thanks to you, Greg, and Tom for great experience and excellent result. P.S. Thank you for the photographs! Warm regards to all, - Bruce W.

Greg, Frank and Team, Thank you so much for the great detailing job on my 99 Corvette. You made it look like the day I picked it up back in 1999! What a fantastic job!! I will definitely bring in my other car for detailing!!! Thanks again for such a wonderful job, Cathy

Thanks a lot you guys, you really did a beautiful job on my vette. Its the best it ever looked in many years! You know I will be back again. Thanks again.   Steve B.

I think that Classic did an awesome job with my car; I love it when it looks this clean and shiny. I cant wait until I get to polish it next to feel how smooth the paint is after the classic touch. This car is a head turner and I get comments and compliments practically everywhere I go. Thanks for making it look so good. I’ll be back. John D.

I wanted to get my 09 Buick detailed, but with our winters my internal struggle was with  do it before winter sets in or wait for the spring, well I splurged and got it done between Christmas & NYE. First talking to Greg the owner was a complete joy, not only is he a great businessman, he  talks like a car guy. He priced out the Buick over the phone, with the warning that if it was beyond normal dirt, wear & tear, there might be a very slight up-charge. He set me up with the night owl key drop, and stressed if my schedule would allow, he would prefer to keep it overnight , to return the shampooed interior to my dry as possible . (dropped it off on a Sunday Night at 9pm , picked it up at 8:30 am Tuesday ) As my car was there the charming Hanna touched base with me a couple of times, plus when I picked up the car, she was the point person to pay & take a picture of me , with my brand new car. As I walked through the  waiting room & the shop floor, I was impressed with the inventory of cars they were working on and detailing., Some truly classics & even 2 antiques ,which verified that if those car buffs trusted classic, I was truly in the right spot. When Greg walked me to me car I actually gasped at the shine & how the clay bar rub, eliminated even the dullness my car had started to accumulate , then he opened up the interior door like a price is right model and I was physically overwhelmed! ! ! I did not realize that my leather seats & grey carpeting  were able to be restored to a   *like new* look, as I felt the dash and glanced at the console, I realized that my car did not get detailed it got a makeover. Greg smiled and he said "it's nice to see a customer fall in love with their car again. Amen! So my total interior,  exterior makeover & detailing cost around $235 Yes I looked at countless groupons & living social deals, but the positive reviews on yelp, steered me here, so glad I came and trusted classic. I will be back and if I ever need to get a car ready to sell & be showroom ready, here is where I will go. One finishing touch, within a 1/2 hour of leaving Hanna emailed me my photo of my & my new ride. - Ron C.

"Dear Greg and crew, Thank you for doing an absolutely superb job detailing the interior of my vehicle. It hasn't looked this good since it was new. I was stunned that you were able to get stains out from years ago. I'll be back!" - Clint

"Classic Appreciation in downtown Rochester. My parents have had a couple cars done and we've taken a few from work. They do many high end cars and if I ever considered having one of my cars done, they would be the only ones I'd trust. They are pricey ~$200, but your car will look like new. They clean and polish everything and don't just grease everything up. Leather seats and dashboards are cleaned to a nice satin finish. They do have an ozone air purifier. They do the engine also (I believe at an additional cost), and that will amaze you too." - formulaf302

"Greg - thanks for the great detailing job on my Saturn. Today, I had the vehicle inspected and the price determined offsite by the buyer - an internet deal, held the inspection. I can't thank you enough for going above and beyond, including the floor mats in the rear. I am very pleased with the result." - Dave

"It was very nice to meet you and to also have my Explorer cleaned up so extraordinarily well! I am so pleased at how new it looked and how so clean the inside was after all of the snow and various messes that my son made. I'm also very pleased at how well you touched up the paint on the rear hatch. Wow, you are certainly the DaVinci of paint touch-up work 🙂 I really mean that and I was really relieved when I saw how good it looked. I really can't even tell that a scratch ever existed in that particular spot.  I am also impressed at how well the windows sparkled and how good the dash and seats looked. The paint also looked crystal clear as the car just rolled out of the paint booth at the Ford factory. The wheels also sparkled and could be used as a mirror. I thank you for such a great job and for the very courteous treatment over the phone and in person. You have a customer for life." - Ron

Thanks for your note and the picture. I am very pleased with the fine job your team did on my Escape and the friendly service and atmosphere. I am not surprised since I have been using Classic since you guys were across from the Firestone dealer.
Thanks Again
- Dan I.

Dear Classic Appreciation Team, My son and I brought my 2003 Chevrolet Malibu into your shop earlier this month for detailing. I would like to thank all of you for the great care and attention you gave my car. It looks beautiful and new again thanks to all of your efforts. I love driving my "new" car and truly appreciate the amazing job you all did. A special thank you for sending the nice photo of and me and my son by the car. Sincerely, Dorothy

Dear Hannah:
Thank you for the picture.  I did leave a review via Google.  I think you guys did an amazing job.  I am already giving others recommendations to take their cars to your location, and I will never go anywhere else for any auto detailing needs again.
Thank you very much for the amazing service delivery, customer service and practically perfect job.  The paintless dent removal was amazing.... I can't even believe the job that was done.  
Good luck with the business, and I will definitely be back one day!
Warm and kind regards,
- James

Thanks to everyone at Classic Appreciation, my Miata looks as good as the day I brought it home from the Mazda dealer 21 years ago. You already did a fabulous job on my 1980 MGB.  I have reviewed your shop for our next Detroit Triumph Sportscar Club newsletter with a 5-star rating.
I’ll be calling again soon to arrange a detail for my 2003 Mini Cooper S.

The service at Classic Appreciation is unreal. I called on Wednesday evening to see if they were able to clean vomit out of my backseat. Hannah, the office manager, said they could get me in that night or the next day. They would probably need to remove my backseat and keep it for a few days. However, she said if I dropped the car off in the morning, she would give me a ride back to work and come get me when it was ready. She went above and beyond what was expected. The team removed my seat and returned my car saying that they may need to keep the seat all weekend, but they would call me either way Friday morning with an update. And they actually called Friday morning. I was super impressed. My car was put back together and I had it for the weekend. The whole staff was friendly and helpful- and the price was completely reasonable. Best part- my backseat looks brand new. You would never know that my puppy lost his breakfast back there. It was perfect. Thank you so much Classic Appreciation- I would recommend you to anyone. - Christy M.

"These guys do a great job. I have been going to them for a couple of years now. In the warmer months for full detailing and for exterior washing in the winter months. In the winter, it is a great alternative to an automatic car wash when you want the car fully cleaned on the outside. They are meticulous in the details, such as using an air gun to make sure all the moisture is blown out between body panels and the wheels. They are punctual, deliver the car when promised, and ensure you are satisfied before you drive away." - Macauley

"I heard about this place for years and finally took my 04 GMC pickup in for a total cleanup this summer. I was shocked....it doesn't come out looking like some guy on the corner polished it and put Armour-all on the tires. It comes out looking like a totally new car! They even painted the underside of it after cleaning it, and didn't even get any over-spray on the factory orange shock absorbers. I used to paint and detail cars as a side job...but how these guys do what they do to a vehicle is beyond me. Its a waste of money to take your car to anywhere but there.... If it costs more than some other shop you know of, it's worth it. You won't regret it." - Anonymous