“We are active in a national Prowler owner’s club and are often asked to preview local cars that people from out of the area are considering purchasing. A fellow from Oklahoma called indicating that he was considering the purchase of a low-mile Prowler located in Howell. It was a black car owned by an older man that smoked heavily. Additionally the car appeared to have been stored outside for an extended period of time, possibly its entire life. The owner took my wife’s recommendation to have Classic Appreciation detail the car. I saw the car for the first time after it was detailed when we took the new owner to pick it up at Classic. To say the least, I was absolutely floored by the transformation that Classic performed on this neglected car. Not only did it now look like a 5,000 collector car, they were able to remove all traces of the heavily etched bird droppings. Needless to say, the owner was overjoyed. I appreciate the superb workmanship. I can personally vouch for the work that Classic delivers…”

– Bob