“I’ve been to the Rochester location three or four times for my black convertible 5.0 California Mustang. I originally went after an auto body shop painter told me it was THE PLACE TO GO! The way the California sun beat on my car before I came to Michigan made me think it would never again shine the way it did new. Well, even after a trip from Detroit back to San Francisco, back to Detroit, down to Key West (surviving the edge of a hurricane) and back to Detroit, all within a few months, they took the wreck of a ride (just aesthetically beat up, no accident) and scrubbed, shined buffed and polished it to new. Even the interior looked like new! Right back out for the Woodward Cruise after that! These guys take the “details” of detailing seriously, they even asked me to bring my convertible top boot after I forgot it, so they could shine that up like the interior! Wow guys, thanks and you’ve got a lifer in me!”

– ClickOn169