I can’t say enough positive things about Classic Appreciation!  They go above and beyond.  My wife and I have taken all of our vehicles there and they all get first class treatment whether a high end luxury car to a minivan.  Though I love my car, I don’t treat it that way!  It is certainly no garage queen and I take it to the track every chance I get.  It always comes back completely filthy… large rubber marks from chunks of flying tire, brake dust caked on, etc.  Classic Appreciation always gets it perfect, every time.  I consider myself pretty picky and typically only hand wash my non-daily drivers but I trust Classic.  The owner has always accommodated us.  We even had a situation where we had vomit in the backseat of an Audi A8 and they took the time to take apart the seats to make sure it was completely cleaned.  My Boxster looks like brand new even though it’s been around the country to 8 different tracks.  Love Classic Appreciation!!! 

Jim B.