Hi, Hannah:

Thank you for the picture… so happy that my car looks great due to Classic Appreciation. The scratch that ran along the driver’s side has been removed, and the car looks terrific!  I called Suburban Mazda sales and service to give a great review!  The car looks much better than I in the picture, I must say, as I’ve been completely soaked five times in three days! Happy that the rain has, finally, stopped!!!

I am thinking that you are the office manager, with the marketing degree, that Greg spoke so highly of, mentioning your capabilities being such an asset to the company.  Please, give my regards to Greg. Now that the rain has stopped, I will plan to take him up on the offer of bringing in my clean car with the dealer paint for a complimentary touch-up service. He gave me some brochures to read regarding your exciting new coatings. I plan to review them and anticipate hearing from him with his notes so as to provide professional writing services for print and website use as he and I discussed, yesterday, while my car was there.

Thank you for your follow up email. It is an indication of excellent customer service which keeps people, like me, coming back and referring others to you for services.  Incidentally, I did a quick review of your website. It is pretty comprehensive, with a great deal of information. Overall, it communicates a concise message to viewers which is great!  I haven’t done any proofreading, just a quick once over; however, it appears very nice compared to many out there. Hope to meet you soon when I come back.

Thanks, again:

Liz Nellis