Thank you for following up on our recent service.  We were delighted at the way our van looked after being detailed.  And the repair of the scratch was impressive.  We couldn't even tell where it had been.  
Thanks for the great service.  
- Dan L.

"They did an amazing job on my car.... It looked better than brand new!!! I will not go anywhere else! ;-)"  - chelsmarie2003

"Hi Greg, Frank, etal, your performance was outstanding, as usual... Sincere Thanks." - Ray

Classic Appreciation Crew, When I need my "toy" cleaned up I always take it to the very best place I know in S.E Michigan. The staff has the knowledge base to get my Daily Driver Street Rod to the condition I can be proud of driving. The care they use is what I require.  "When you want the best, go to the best." Andy K.

"Thank you so much for your excellent service and for sending us the photo.  We sold our Sunfire today at the price we wanted. We will always use your services in the future and make sure we spread the word-of-mouth about your excellent services." - Jon & Margaret

Great job, my wife (it's her car) was thrilled to have the top looking new again. Happy wife - Happy life Thanks, Jim

Hannah, I am very pleased with the way I was treated, and the work done on my car. I will recommend Classic Appreciation to my friends, and I’ll be back. Thank you. Jim R.

Hannah, Thank you for the picture! We really enjoyed meeting you and having our car detailed by Classic Appreciation. You far exceeded our expectations! My wife thanks me almost every time she drives the car for having it detailed!! As the saying goes, "happy wife, happy life". 🙂 Thanks again, Larry R.

Hi Greg, I wanted to let you know how completely satisfied I was with the exterior detailing on my Buick Enclave.  All too often good work goes unnoticed so I wanted to let you know what a great job Steven did on my vehicle.  He was able to remove scratches and it appeared that he had even touched up so larger scratched areas. Thanks for a job well done. Regards, - Bob A.

"These guys made my 5 year old car look and feel like new again! Thank you, thank you." - Anonymous

"I've been to the Rochester location three or four times for my black convertible 5.0 California Mustang. I originally went after an auto body shop painter told me it was THE PLACE TO GO! The way the California sun beat on my car before I came to Michigan made me think it would never again shine the way it did new. Well, even after a trip from Detroit back to San Francisco, back to Detroit, down to Key West (surviving the edge of a hurricane) and back to Detroit, all within a few months, they took the wreck of a ride (just aesthetically beat up, no accident) and scrubbed, shined buffed and polished it to new. Even the interior looked like new! Right back out for the Woodward Cruise after that! These guys take the "details" of detailing seriously, they even asked me to bring my convertible top boot after I forgot it, so they could shine that up like the interior! Wow guys, thanks and you've got a lifer in me!"

- ClickOn169

"Thanks to you as well as a Happy New Year! You did a brilliant job!!!" - Paul

Thanks Hannah, Service was fantastic – will definitely be back!! Joe L.

"Greg and Frank,
Always a great experience with you guys. The cars looks like new. First time ever we brought five cars to you at once also. Thanks for the continued superior service."
- Dan and Kyle

Greg & Frank ~ You guys are the BEST and so is your team! I am grateful for the exceptional care and kindness you give my S4… and me! You guys are both fabulous examples of how amazing things happen when people do what they love to do! I appreciate you! : - )) Terry

Hannah I was going to contact you today on my Taurus SHO. I am absolutely thrilled with how the car looks. It looks nearly brand new! You exceeded my expectations...thank you so much. Bill D.

Thanks Hannah!.  Classic Appreciation is by far the BEST !! The level of QUALITY Customer Service that Greg and the entire Staff provide are why Classic Appreciation has been in business for so many years. As that one business would use the phrase 'You know you're in good hands with...' In the case of Classic Appreciation you know you are in GREAT HANDS !!!! You guys will always get five stars plus in my book. Jerry D.

Hi Hannah,  Just a quick message to say thank you so much for my car it looks great I appreciate it per usual. Please tell Greg as well. Have a great day! - Mark K.

Hello Hannah,
The car looks INCREDIBLE!  I am so impressed at the job your team did. I don't think I've ever seen my brake calipers look so clean in all the years I've owned the car.  Do you happen to paint them, too?  The engine compartment looks better than it did when I bought the car.  My wife is so impressed, she says we should have you do our Toyota pickup and I think we will.
I just did a Google review with 5 stars and mentioned your name because of the great customer service you gave me.
I'll be in touch soon to make an appointment for our truck.
- Bob S.

"Awesome, 5 stars" - Mike