I wanted to get my 09 Buick detailed, but with our winters my internal struggle was with  do it before winter sets in or wait for the spring, well I splurged and got it done between Christmas & NYE.

First talking to Greg the owner was a complete joy, not only is he a great businessman, he  talks like a car guy.

He priced out the Buick over the phone, with the warning that if it was beyond normal dirt, wear & tear, there might be a very slight up-charge. He set me up with the night owl key drop, and stressed if my schedule would allow, he would prefer to keep it overnight , to return the shampooed interior to my dry as possible .
(dropped it off on a Sunday Night at 9pm , picked it up at 8:30 am Tuesday )

As my car was there the charming Hanna touched base with me a couple of times, plus when I picked up the car, she was the point person to pay & take a picture of me , with my brand new car.

As I walked through the  waiting room & the shop floor, I was impressed with the inventory of cars they were working on and detailing., Some truly classics & even 2 antiques ,which verified that if those car buffs trusted classic, I was truly in the right spot.

When Greg walked me to me car I actually gasped at the shine & how the clay bar rub, eliminated even the dullness my car had started to accumulate , then he opened up the interior door like a price is right model and I was physically overwhelmed! ! !

I did not realize that my leather seats & grey carpeting  were able to be restored to a  
*like new* look, as I felt the dash and glanced at the console, I realized that my car did not get detailed it got a makeover.

Greg smiled and he said “it’s nice to see a customer fall in love with their car again. Amen! So my total interior,  exterior makeover & detailing cost around $235

Yes I looked at countless groupons & living social deals, but the positive reviews on yelp, steered me here, so glad I came and trusted classic.

I will be back and if I ever need to get a car ready to sell & be showroom ready, here is where I will go.

One finishing touch, within a 1/2 hour of leaving Hanna emailed me my photo of my & my new ride.

– Ron C.