Removal of Overspray

One of the most common types of surface contamination that we see on cars today is paint overspray. This situation usually occurs when a vehicle is parked near a building that is being painted or while driving in any construction areas. Often it goes unnoticed until the next carwash. Suddenly little specks appear on the paint, windows and trim items. Sometimes you can’t really even see the little buggers but when you run your hand across the surface, it feels rough.

Regardless of how it got there, compounds or abrasive cleaning techniques should not be used to remove the foreign substance. Doing so will only cause further damage to the clear coat, making the surface correction more difficult or impossible. Your auto insurance company is very familiar with oversprayed vehicles and will pay to have it removed professionally.

Classic Appreciation Auto Detail Centers are experts at removing surface defects and overspray. We use gentle, extracting procedures to remove every speck and then polish the surfaces back to their original, like new gloss…or better!

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