Convenience and Dry Interiors

We know that being without your car can be difficult for some people, even for one day! That is one of the reasons why we have worked hard over the years to perform our specialized services in a shorter, more efficient time frame. Our stringent process of cleaning has enabled us to facilitate quicker service time on your vehicle, while maintaining our awesome level of thoroughness. One area that still requires time is drying of the interior fabrics–especially the carpet. If carpeting is not thoroughly dry when the vehicle leaves, then odors from mold or mildew could develop inside the car. Most people leave the windows up while driving and parking their cars, therefore little air is circulated and evaporation occurs slowly or not at all.

At Classic Appreciation we promote clean, dry and sanitized interiors so that you don’t have any smell issues “down the road.” We use high volume blowers to accelerate dry time immediately following cleaning of the interior. A couple hours with these blowers will usually dry the surfaces good…however, to ensure absolute dryness, its best if the vehicle can be left inside our shop overnight with windows or doors open and with blowers turned on to circulate the air.

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