How to “clay” your own car

Claying your own car is a
surprisingly uncomplicated task. The substance is primarily used by hand and rubbed over each surface of a vehicle while using a special lubricating spray. (Be sure to wash the car thoroughly to remove all loose dirt first.) The
clay bar works as a virtue of its flexibility, allowing it to be gently hand rubbed across each surface. The soft clay flattens out to form along every contour, picking up all debris that would otherwise be left behind. This will leave your vehicle with an exceptionally smooth, clean surface.

About Ozone

Ozone generators have been used for years to eradicate odors in buildings after fires and natural disasters. they are also used in most bars and restuarants to eliminate or minimize cigar and cigarette smoke. Ozone is a gas, and it is very effective at eliminating odors as long as the major source of the odor has been removed. (Like that very old banana we found under my brothers seat!) However, there are some concerns surrounding safety when using ozone. When using ozone, you must ensure there are no people or living things in the vehicle. Continue reading

Vehicle Hygiene and the Dentist

Having your car or truck professionally cleaned and polished at Classic Appreciation is a lot like having your teeth cleaned and polished at your dentist. Except you don’t sit in a big chair, feel awkward and drool on yourself.

Dental hygiene is defined as “The practice of keeping the mouth, teeth, and gums clean and healthy, as by regular brushing, flossing and periodical visits to the dentist for a thorough cleaning and polishing.” It is recommended by the American Dental Association that your should brush (wash) your teeth after each meal, floss once a day, and visit your dentist once every six months for a thorough “detailing” of your mouth. Continue reading

Removal of Overspray

One of the most common types of surface contamination that we see on cars today is paint overspray. This situation usually occurs when a vehicle is parked near a building that is being painted or while driving in any construction areas. Often it goes unnoticed until the next carwash. Suddenly little specks appear on the paint, windows and trim items. Sometimes you can’t really even see the little buggers but when you run your hand across the surface, it feels rough. Continue reading

Convenience and Dry Interiors

We know that being without your car can be difficult for some people, even for one day! That is one of the reasons why we have worked hard over the years to perform our specialized services in a shorter, more efficient time frame. Our stringent process of cleaning has enabled us to facilitate quicker service time on your vehicle, while maintaining our awesome level of thoroughness. One area that still requires time is drying of the interior fabrics–especially the carpet. Continue reading

Do you guys do “regular” cars there?


Ok…. so I know you will see a lot of high end cars here on our site…. well, I just want to let you know that we clean and detail ALL types of cars here. Yes we love to work on all the high end and show cars that visit us, but by and large, we work on the cars you drive everyday! We treat every car we do with passion and pride. We make the cars that take you to work and back shiny and the cars that move your kids all over the place look and feel like new so you can stay in love with your cars longer rather than buying new ones every year or two. How conservative is that?


Does your car feel silky smooth?

Does your car feel silky smooth?

It may need to be exfoliated!

Airborne contaminants are everywhere. Your car’s exterior is exposed to contaminants all day – every day. Driving down the road, parked in the hot sun, driving through construction areas, outdoor painting, acid rain, etc., and our cars have to endure all that Mother Nature and man can throw on it. Because of this, most every car on the road today has an accumulation of fine particulates that are actually stuck to the clear coat. Many times these harmful contaminants are not visible to the naked eye, but you can feel them, and if left untreated they could eat further into your paint.

How Do You Know? Continue reading

Welcome To Classic Appreciation


Classic Appreciation is celebrating our twenty-eighth year as the premier auto detailing company in Southeast Michigan!
If your vehicle is ready for a “Showroom Fresh” detail service, ask your friends, neighbors and auto enthusiasts for a referral. We are confident that Classic Appreciation will be suggested as the #1 destination to receive high-quality, professional auto detailing and friendly service.
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