Can I drop my vehicle off before or after hours?

Absolutely! The mail slot in our office door facing Mill Street is labeled “Key Drop”. All you have to do is park your car in our parking lot and drop the keys in the drop box and you’re all set to go! We have a mailbox with envelopes for you to fill out and put your keys in as well!


How far ahead should I call for an appointment?

Generally, appointments are available within a day or so. Although, during the busier spring and summer months, you should plan on as far out as a week to two weeks or more in advance. If you have a lot of flexibility (a few days to a week) with your vehicle, you can drop it off and we will work it into our schedule and have it clean, dry and meticulously detailed for you when you want it. We have large facilities and can keep it inside for you while it is visiting us.


How much time should I expect to leave my car for a detail?

In some cases, we can have the work completed on your vehicle in one day, so by 5 or 6 pm you could get your car back. That being stated, when we perform our comprehensive Interior Detail (4-5 hours) or Complete Detail (7-10 hours) service, we generally ask if it is possible to keep the vehicle inside our shop overnight to dry thoroughly, especially if the carpet had been heavily soiled. We have fans and carpet drying blowers that accelerate the drying of interior materials so even if you need to get your car the same day, we will do our best to make sure it’s dry.


Can I get a ride home or to work?

We try to make it convenient for you to get your car to us and can help you out with a ride home or to work as long as it is within a few miles, just ask us!


My interior has stains. Can you get them all out?

We are very successful removing all types of stains from all sorts of materials. In most cases the entire interior of your vehicle will look like new again. Food based stains such as: Cola, Big Mac sauce, ice cream, grease, oil and ground in dirt are seldom a problem for us to remove. Some of the problem stains that may not be eliminated completely are red food dye (like in red beverages) and multiple coffee spills in light colored fabrics.


My car is full of swirl marks! Can you remove them?

Yes, we are the EXPERTS when it comes to restoring and correcting the paint finish of vehicles. We evaluate the present condition of the paint and then use the precise tools and proper techniques to make your paint amazing to look at and shine better than new. Our methods are adjusted to the needs and expectations of the customer as well, whether it is for a Concours d`Elegance show winner or your dazzling daily driver, you will be “swirl free”.


What can be done with a long “key” scratch on my car?

Depending on how deep it is, often a scratch can be polished to eliminate it or minimize the appearance. It is hard to diagnose until we can get a good look at the scratch, so drop by so we can evaluate it and give the remedy. Sometimes we will have to “touch up” the scratch with the exact matching paint to disguise it. We try to save you from having the whole panel painted whenever possible.


Do you use a “Clay Bar” on the exterior of my car?

We use a clay bar treatment before the polishing and waxing stage on every vehicle that receives an Exterior Detail, Complete Detail, or Seasonal Wash & Wax. This process will remove all the surface contaminants and microscopic debris that is stuck to your paint; so that the polish can work its magic better. For more information about what clay is, please refer to The Use of Clay in Automotive Detailing article found here.


Are you able to remove smoke smell from a vehicle? Do you use an ozone generator?

We are very successful at removing smoke odor from interiors. The major key is thoroughly cleansing every surface inside the vehicle including the seats, floor mats, carpet, door panels, headliner etc. Wiping, scrubbing, extracting, rinsing, each component is necessary to leave the surfaces clean and fresh, removing the odor causing tar residue rather than covering it up. Even the leather cleaning and conditioning will assist in purging the build up of tar and nicotine. After intense cleaning and drying, we would install the Ozone Generator to remove the odors left behind by these stains. and let it run in the interior for several hours to circulate the ozone in, around and through components that can not be accessed with our cleaning procedures such as HVAC air ducting. You should plan on leaving the vehicle here all day and overnight.


Is it really cost effective for me to have my lease vehicle detailed before I turn it in?

Today’s lease consumer must adhere to much stricter wear-n-tear standards than in the past, and the penalties or costs they will charge you to repair are higher. Our Lease Return Preparation will give you the advantage and can eliminate or drastically reduce excess wear-n-tear charges at lease turn-in. We can typically remove things like minor scratches, interior stains and minor dents. We can save you big money when turning in your leased vehicle and you will feel great returning a clean car that appears unused.